Last Call: Abstract Submission Deadline. Known, forgotten and lost grains

Known, forgotten and lost grains

Caranou (Chania /Crete). July 29-30.  2017


Abstract submission for oral and poster presentations is now closed. Abstract submission to visual exhibitions and interactive sessions  is open until June 15!

The deadline for the 4th Symposium is May 10.… However, there are still a few days left to submit your abstract!

We cordially invite academics, independent scholars and professionals in the fields of humanities and social sciences (such as archaeology, ethnoarchaeology, anthropology, sociology, history, cross-cultural studies, education, ethics, women studies, literature, philology and so on), ethnobotanologists, botanologists,  grain growers,  bakers, artisans, brewers, cooks and chefs, artists and activists, journalists and writers from around the globe to join us, to attend the Symposium and to contribute presentations of their own work!

We particularly encourage submissions relating interdisciplinary work!!

Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Early human grain consumption
  • History of floury grains
  • Bread, beer and other uses of grains
  • Forgotten and lost grain crops
  • Cultivation, grain processing, bread – making and gender
  • Grain choices and social class
  • Cultural differences in processing and consumption
  • Grains, bread, feast and famine
  • Cereal grains and politics
  • Grain prices: scarcity and abundance
  • Grain trade and market efficiency
  • Grains, bread, city and country connections
  • History of technology, environmental history and grains
  • How grains became a standardized commodity
  • Trends in  grain / bread  consumption through history
  • Leavened and unleavened:  Christian identity and self-definition
  • Grains, farming, eating  and their influence on art and literature

Instructions for submitting abstracts for oral / poster presentation or visual exhibition

The title, an abstract of no more than 300 words (in either Greek or English) together with a no more of 100-word biography of the speaker (in either Greek or English) should be submitted by May 10, 2017 to In the e-mail subject please write “Symposium 2017”.

Oral presentations will be 15 minutes long.

Both graduate and postgraduate students are strongly encouraged to attend the symposium and present their work in the form of a poster. (The title, an abstract of no more than 70 words – in either Greek or English- together with a bio of no more than 100 words -in either Greek or English- should be submitted by May 10, 2017, 2017 to In the e-mail subject please write “Symposium”.)

The symposium languages are Greek and English.

Information for poster presentation and visual exhibitions

Presenters and artists are responsible for preparing their posters with the title and name(s) of author(s) or artist(s).

Size of the poster: max. H: 1,20 m, max. W: 0,80 m.

The title should be readable at a distance of 2 meters and text should be easily readable from a distance of 1 meter.

Area: lecture hall.

Interactive sessions

An abstract of no more than 300 words (in either Greek or English) to describe the theme, its relevance to the theme of the symposium, the  duration (60 minutes max), space requirement and a no more of 100-word biography  (in either Greek or English) should be submitted byMay 10, 2017 to In the e-mail subject please write “Symposium”.


  • By submitting an abstract the author allows its publication in the abstract book/congress proceedings
  • Papers presented at the symposium will be published online as part of the symposium proceedings.


All persons wishing to present an oral talk or a poster must complete a registration form and return it by May 10, 2017 to

The symposium is open to the public, but registration for non-presenting attendees is required.

Registration fee: After receiving a confirmation of acceptance, presenters  and artists are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of 30 euros
Students and Unemployed: free

The registration fee includes:
Refreshments,  coffee breaks, snacks, two dinners, conference bag.


If possible, the organizers will provide free accommodation at private homes and local hotels for the presenters of the symposium (free accommodation for 1 presenter of a poster or an oral presentation at the time of symposium). Those interested should e-mail to arrange such shared housing.

Under the auspices of Historical, Folkore and Archaeological Society of Crete


About Mariana Kavroulaki

Experimental Archaeologist- Food Historian.
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